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Negotiating divorce settlement agreements

Florida residents that get a divorce want to make sure that they obtain the settlement terms that they desire. While negotiating with a soon-to-be-ex can sometimes be difficult, there are some steps people can take to ease the process. The all concern being prepared before entering negotiations.

Steps to take when ending a marriage

Statistically speaking, the first full week of January is the time in which a person is most likely to file for divorce. Divorce rates tend to be higher in the period from January through March. August is also a prime month for divorce, according to research analyzing divorce records over a 15-year period in Washington State. Florida residents that are planning on getting divorced may want to start by learning about state divorce laws.

How Bitcoin can complicate a divorce

Florida residents who have invested in Bitcoin may own a valuable commodity. Therefore, it stands to reason that a spouse may want a portion of its value when it comes time to end a marriage. However, it may not be clear-cut as to how Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency should be divided. For instance, a spouse may claim that he or she is entitled to the value of the currency today.

What to do about the holidays after divorce with children

The holidays may be a difficult time for parents and children in Florida after a divorce. However, it is important for parents to remember that the focus should be on the children and the family, not on the former spouses. Moving back and forth between their parents' households can be tough for children. They may struggle to understand the changes in their lives even though they know their parents still love them.

How debt can live on after divorce

Throughout Florida and the rest of the country, a lot of couples have considerable debt. This may include credit cards, car loans, mortgages and student loans. If a couple decides to divorce, this debt will need to be divided along with any marital assets. Therefore, it's important to divide everything properly to avoid being held responsible for an ex-spouse's debt.

How to decide whether to stay together for the children

Florida parents who are considering divorce might wonder if it would better to postpone separation for their children's sake. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. While divorce can have a very real effect on children, including how likely it is that they will divorce later in life, divorce may be less stressful for them.

Some common reasons for divorce

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that more than 20 percent of marriages end in separation, death or divorce after 5 years, and after 20 years, this is true of more than half of all marriages. There are a number of reasons that couples in Florida might be considering divorce.

Studies identify factors that could lead to divorce

Florida couples whose biological parents were divorced may also be more likely to get a divorce. This one of the findings of multiple studies that have looked at factors that may signal that a couple is more likely to end their marriage. Another factor that may increase the chance of divorce is if the couple has dissimilar levels of alcohol consumption.

When spouses attempt to hide assets during divorce proceedings

A grievous and litigious divorce is the last thing married Florida couples would want to go through; unfortunately, these situations tend to happen more often than people think. Even though family court divisions in the Sunshine State try to offer couples options to avoid the unpleasantness of a divorce trial, Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes give afflicted spouses an opportunity to muddle the process with litigation and obfuscation.