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Despite adoption approval, couple unable to bring daughters home

Many readers in Sarasota are likely aware that adopting a child can be a long, arduous process for prospective parents and their families. This process can be even more complicated for families who choose international adoption, because of both tighter restrictions and increased scrutiny. Boundaries established by the Hague convention, as well as growing concerns from other countries about abandonment and child trafficking, have put serious limitations on international adoptions.

Some of the hurdles that parents face when adopting a child from another country can be seen in one Dallas family’s struggle. According to reports, although the couple has legally adopted two sisters from the Congo, they do not know when they may be allowed to bring their daughters home. Before the girls, ages three and one, can join their new family in the U.S., it will reportedly have to be verified that they are qualified adoptable orphans, they will need to get U.S. visas and they will have to receive an exit letter from the Congolese government.

The process reportedly remains in a state of limbo for the family, as authorities in the Congo currently are not signing exit letters. It was not reported what caused the stoppage of the letters for potential adoptees, nor was it indicated when the government might resume signing. According to reports, it could also take time for staff from the U.S. embassy to verify the girls are adoptable because they reside a great distance away, in an area with significant violence.

While there are a number of steps involved in almost all adoption cases, there are added steps and factors to be considered in international adoptions. If you are considering adopting a child from another country, it may be of benefit to obtain legal representation to help guide you through the process.

Source: Dallas News, “Dallas family left in limbo with international adoption,” Dianne Solís, May 10, 2014

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