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December 2012 Archives

Child custody: make certain it is done properly the first time

When you decide to get divorced, one question you may not even ask is where you should file a divorce case. The reason it may not occur to you, is that it typically is where you and your soon-to-be former spouse reside. And if you have children, ongoing questions relating to child custody, parenting time (visitation) and child support, will ultimately be answered by the family courts of your state.

U.S. Marshalls arrest most wanted deadbeat dad at LA airport

The most wanted "deadbeat" dad in the U.S. was arrested this week in Los Angles, when he arrived from the Philippines, after being deported for being in that country illegally. He had been traveling on a fake passport. The man, Robert D. Sand, had been living in Thailand prior to his deportation from the Philippines.

Life Insurance after your divorce

During a divorce, you may encounter many problems when it comes to dividing the property you have accumulated over the years of your marriage. You also discover that along with dividing assets, you have to divide debts incurred during the marriage. Other prosaic items that you may have given little thought also need careful attention.

Child custody case to be decided by Supreme Court

Oral arguments will take place today, December 5, 2012, in the case of Chapin v. Chapin, involving an international custody dispute. The husband and wife met in Germany while the husband was stationed there with the U.S. Army. Their marriage later failed and they were divorced.

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