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November 2012 Archives

Son-in-laws' relationship with her parents important in reducing risk of divorce

Marriage is a multi-faceted relationship. How a husband and wife get along is not the only relationship that has significance for a couple and their marriage. Among the most important are their relations with their in-laws. A researcher from the University of Michigan has made a surprising finding in a study of couples and the risk of divorce.

Women often lose health insurance after the divorce

Many new expenses result from a divorce in Florida. You may have to move to a new residence and you may have to buy replacement items you previously owned when you were married. One item you may have to buy after your divorce is health insurance.

The new color of divorce--gray

A recent study out of Bowling Green State University indicates that divorce among our aging population is increasing. According to the study, over the last twenty years, the rate of divorce for those older than 50, has increased by more than double.

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