Paternity issues can arise when parents were never together, or were together but never married. A father must have paternity established in order to have legal rights such as custody or visitation. Legal paternity is also needed to take part in decision making, cover a child on a health insurance plan or pay child support. If you need help establishing paternity, a skilled lawyer can provide much needed advice and representation.

At the Law Office of Stephanie L. Murphy, we help fathers and mothers with their paternity issues. We work with mothers to establish and enforce paternity and defend their right to receive child support. We advocate for fathers' rights to legal paternity, custody, time sharing and decision making. If necessary, we also can explain the rights and responsibilities of both parents and refer them to resources in the community.

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Establishing Paternity in Florida

If the parents agree or chose to marry after the child is born, then paternity is established by legally changing a birth record or signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity. If parents do not agree, a genetic test can be ordered. A genetic test, also known as a DNA test, is a reliable and scientific way to determine if someone is or is not the father of a child.

Attorney Stephanie Murphy is fully prepared to help you establish or dispute a paternity claim and deal with any resulting child support, custody and time sharing issues. Using a team approach, we also are able to coach you through any problems with additional parental responsibilities or struggles with working together to raise a child.

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