With the current market, many people find themselves relocating for employment or more economical housing options. These types of relocations can complicate a divorce or an existing parenting plan, particularly if you own property or have children. If you live out of state, but are entering a divorce with someone who still lives in Florida, it is in your best interests to seek assistance from an experienced lawyer.

The Law Office of Stephanie L. Murphy is fully prepared to help clients who live out of state with divorce in Florida. Using various communication technology methods, we will discuss your situation with you, explain your options and advise you at every step. We will identify issues regarding equitable distribution, real estate sales and long distance parenting and work to resolve them as compassionately and diligently as possible.

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Skilled Divorce Representation From A Florida Visitation Attorney

If children are involved with an out-of-state divorce, finding the best solutions for custody and visitation can become more complicated. If a divorce is final, then you need to file for visitation or custody modification. If the divorce is not final, it adds complexity to finding the best solutions for your family.

No matter what your relocation issue, we have the know-how to assist you and your family. Since custody and visitation may look different in your situation, we can refer you to the latest technology resources that can aid with long distance issues. We also stay up to date with the latest airline and travel policies, which may help with transferring your children between homes. We will make every effort to settle your case through negotiation and mediation, but are fully prepared to represent you in court, if needed.

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