After a divorce is finalized, it is possible to modify certain orders if significant changes have occurred. Examples of significant changes include:

  • A geographic move that may affect the custody and visitation arrangements
  • Income changes such as job loss, increase in salary or a marriage/supportive relationship that may affect child support and alimony

If you are considering modifying original divorce orders, you may want to seek advice from an experienced lawyer. The Law Office of Stephanie L. Murphy is fully prepared to assist clients with parenting plan, child support and alimony modifications. We will meet with you to understand your situation, gather the necessary documentation and work diligently and efficiently to resolve your issue.

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Experienced Representation From A Florida Child Support Modification Attorney

According to Florida law, child support modifications must be approved by a judge in order to be legally enforceable — even if both parents agree to the change. Depending on the circumstances, modifications can be temporary or permanent.

Attorney Stephanie Murphy understands that determining child support is a numbers game, requiring extreme attention to detail. She is highly experienced in this area, and knows how to examine bank statements, tax returns and other documents to prove or disprove a significant change in circumstances. In addition, she is fully prepared to skillfully advocate on your behalf at the modification hearing if an agreement cannot be reached out of court.

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