Adoption can bring a wonderful addition to your family, but the process can be stressful and complicated. Many risks are involved, particularly with private adoptions, as both birth parents must terminate their rights, and have time even after a birth to change their minds. If you are considering an adoption, you may want to seek a skilled lawyer to navigate you through the process.

The Law Office of Stephanie L. Murphy provides compassionate assistance to clients during their private party adoptions. We are able to act as a liaison between you and the birth mother, start the initial paperwork and guide you through the home study process. We also are fully prepared to counsel the birth mother throughout her pregnancy and work to ensure that she is as comfortable as possible with the arrangements. We also will be the main point of contact for you at the hospital while your child is there. After the adoption, we take every possible step to help you make your child a legal addition to your home.

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A Florida Domestic Adoption Attorney Who Understands

Every family who wishes to pursue an adoption in Florida must go through a home study. There is an exception, however, for stepparent and interfamily adoptions. The home study is a screening process used to determine whether your family is suitable for adoption. This process can be long, complicated and often intimidating.

At our law firm, we understand the anxiety associated with these home studies and with the adoption process in general. Attorney Stephanie Murphy will work tenaciously on every detail of the adoption and will be there at every step. All parties will most likely feel very strong emotions during the pregnancy and adoption, and we will work to ease worries as much as possible.

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